"I was told, that it can be very powerful to hug a tree.."

3.Embracing the Root.co Rolf Søborg

The protagonist of the story leads a research project that examines symptoms in the brain due to emotional stress / mental illness.

At the same time, she is secretly fighting against similar inner demons and the fear of losing control and her own death.

She starts to hear voices which interfere in her work, and she is losing direction.  As torn from the context of reality, she suddenly finds herself lost in a large forest. She does not remember who she is, her own name, or where she lives. She experiences a violent force flowing from the trees of the forest and from below the ground, and is struck by an anxiety attack.

From here she starts a journey towards a deeper sense of the element of the present, which appears to her as a kind of gate to her own birth, death and rebirth, in interaction with an eternal season of the unfolding of life, in which everything is one.